Why choose loan?

loan and piggy bank

Credy.es is a fast online loan search engine, with which you can get up to € 750 and with a deadline to return it up to 30 days.

They will not charge commissions and help you get the best credit. Sign up, request your loan and you will have the money in your account.


  • Quick credits without paperwork
  • Loans with Asnef
  • Loyalty program


  • Have a bank account in Spain and recurring income
  • Commissions and additional interest for non-payment
  • If the loan is not returned, you can be included in the National Debt Registry

How does work?

To be able to use Credy.es credit services you will have to register, so create an account with all your information and confirm your email address.

To apply for the quick loan you will have the simulator, so it establishes the amount you need, from € 50 to € 750 and the term to amortize the loan, from 15 to 30 days.

Credy.es does not include hidden fees, and it offers with total transparency the cost of the loan during the simulation. Once Credy approves your request they will immediately send the money to your bank account by wire transfer.

One of the advantages of Credy.es is its loyalty program that can include you if you request your credit and return it without problems within the established period. If you meet Credy they will also offer you the opportunity to request more credits.

What services does offer?

loans offer,cash

In Credy.es you can enjoy different loan services and quick credits so you can have the money you need quickly.

With the credit simulator you can select the amount you need and the deadline to return it easily and quickly.

  • Quick credits without paperwork . Do not waste more time and get your credit in an agile way avoiding bureaucracy.
  • Urgent loans. Up to € 750 to cover all your urgencies
  • Loans with Asnef. If you are in the file of defaulters in Credy they will give you an opportunity, and they will analyze your case to decide if they can provide you the credit
  • Micro credits You will only have to choose the quantity and the days you need to return them. Request them whenever you need them!
  • Credits 24 hours. Request your credit at any time, available all day.
  • Online loans Request the amount you need and you will receive the money in your account.
  • Pawn of cars. In Credy.es you can use your car as collateral to receive a loan instantly. Remember, up to € 750 to return in 30 days.