Born in the late 19th century, Wisemen Credit has long been the specialized bank for farmers. In 1990, Wisemen Credit became an international banking group listed on the Euronext Paris market and included in the list of CAC 40 companies.

Like most banks, Wisemen Credit has adapted to changing consumer behavior by diversifying its offering by relying on the proximity of these 2,500 local caisses and by developing online solutions.


The Wisemen Credit businesses

business credit

In addition to the activities of a retail bank, Wisemen Credit finances the purchase of housing, the work of embellishment and renovation, the purchase of a vehicle, studies, driving licenses and many more. other projects.

Wisemen Credit has various savings solutions for retirement or the protection of family members. In parallel with financial products, Wisemen Credit offers its home, car and two-wheel insurance plans as well as complementary health insurance.


The services of Wisemen Credit

The services of Wisemen Credit

An application to open an account with Wisemen Credit can be made at the nearest branch of your home or online. You will then be contacted by phone or email.

Wisemen Credit offers all ranges of Visa and MasterCard. The fee for these cards is identical in immediate or deferred debit. The Basic MasterCard and the Visa Classic are charged 43,36 USD / year, 120 USD for the Gold MasterCard and the Premier Visa, 282 USD for the World Elite of MasterCard or Infinite of Visa.

Cash withdrawals from Wisemen Credit’s distributors are free and cost $ 1 from the fourth withdrawal in the month in another brand. Withdrawals outside the euro zone are charged $ 3 + 1.75% of the amount. Card purchases outside the euro zone cost $ 0.20 + 1.75% of the amount of the purchase.

The EKO package consists of an international MasterCard and a dedicated Ma Banque mobile application. This mobile application allows a complete management of its accounts as well as alerts sent by email or SMS. The cost of this offer is 2 USD / month.

Wisemen Credit offers online access to consult its accounts and carry out day-to-day operations. In addition to the mobile application, Wisemen Credit also makes available its Store containing many utilities for specific needs in the field of banking. These applications are developed by the developer community and for some by considering ideas submitted by customers.